Tips for choosing laundry service

Tips for Choosing the Best Laundry Service in Hyderabad


Hyderabad, the largest capital city of Telangana, is a home to numerous students, professionals & families. A city where everyone is busy in their own lives, managing laundry, a daily household chore, becomes a difficult task. Laundry is something which needs to be done daily or at least every second day as piling up clothes for long can result in cumulation of germs resulting in deterioration of the fabric.

Now the question is, if we are not able to launder the clothes because of busy schedules or any other reason, then how do we choose the best laundry & dry-cleaning services provider?

Tips for choosing laundry service


The answer to this is really simple. Following tips will help you decide which laundry  and dry-cleaning services are excellent to prevail in the city of Hyderabad:

Ease of Booking: While laundry is a task in itself, booking the laundry service should not be a complicated process. PKC laundries has its own mobile application where you can schedule your laundry very easily & quickly providing you various laundry & dry-cleaning services in Hyderabad & many other cities.

Pick Up & Delivery: Hyderabad is a city with busy roads and the time which will be involved in travelling to the laundry for dropping your clothes can actually be utilized in washing the same. So, it becomes very essential that the dry cleaners in Hyderabad that you choose has a door step pick-up & delivery facility.

Turn around Time: Before scheduling your next laundry, do check for the time required to make the delivery of your clothes. Different services have different processes and therefore the time involved varies as per the requirement. For e.g., Dry-cleaning may require 3-4 days while Wash & Fold can be done in 2 days.

Timely & Quality Delivery: While you are relieved that your clothes are picked up & will be delivered from & at your doorstep, an untimely or late delivery can give you a headache. Not only this, your clothes should also reach you in the best condition with proper washing, folding & packaging. Poor detergents & improper packaging can distort the shape of your clothes & reduce the fabric strength. Therefore, timely but quality delivery becomes a prime factor when giving your clothes in someone else’s hand.

Affordable & Reasonable Pricing: Money plays a vital role in everybody’s life and comparing pricing of products & services across different platforms and companies is vital. When deciding the pricing, don’t only look for the cheapest but also consider the other factors involved.

Customer Support: No service is complete if there is no backend support for the customers. You should be able to approach the company in case of any queries, complaints and feedback and this process should not be painful to you. So, look for a service provider who has a dedicated customer support team to assist you.

We at PKC laundries understand the value of your clothing and respect your time and money. We are at your service to provide you various dry-cleaning & laundry services in Hyderabad & also other surrounding areas of Andhra Pradesh & Telangana, at reasonable prices and considerable delivery time.

“You care for your Family,

We care for your Fabric”