tips for ironing services

Tips and Warnings for Shirt Ironing Services

Wrinkles on your clothing catches everyone’s attention & makes you look untidy and miserable. Thus, it becomes really important to iron your clothes before putting them on. While ironing is again a big task after laundering the clothes, there are many online ironing services in Hyderabad which can help you look amazing and feel good. We at PKC laundries, Hyderabad, provides you the best of online ironing service with door step pick up and delivery and prompt service.

tips for ironing services

Speaking about ironing, it becomes really important to understand few dos and don’ts for the same and especially when the cloth you are wearing is a shirt. Let’s quickly have a look at the following points to understand & iron the clothing better:

Do’s and Don’ts:

Ensure that your clothes are clean:

It’s always suggested to iron freshly washed clothes.

Don’t iron a stained clothing as it glues the stain to the fabric, thus, making it difficult to remove in next wash which in turn makes your clothes look dirty and reduces its fabric strength.

Iron clothes while they are damp:

Its really easier to remove the creases from a clothing when it is still damp. If not, use water spray to dampen them and then iron. Your work becomes much easier

Don’t use Ironing water as treated or scented water causes chemicals to leave residue damaging the fabric.

Separate clothing by types of fabric:

Different fabric requires different temperatures while there are many which do not even require ironing. Separating fabric by its type is a best process when ironing as you will not need to adjust the temperature of your iron again and again.

Don’t ignore the care labels of the fabric as they contain instructions for the safety of your clothing. Always take a note of these before you start ironing as these will also help you segregate your clothes better.

Adjust you Ironing Board:

The ironing board should be at correct height because if its too high, it will be difficult for you to iron and if it is too low, then you will be left with a backache.

Don’t Forget to clean your Iron Also, while adjusting the ironing board, ensure that the iron you are using is also clean and does not carry any dust particles or other objects on it as these may stick to your clothing while ironing and leave it dirty.

Set the iron to correct temperature:

The iron should be set at the right temperature which is needed by the clothing. Do read the care label, as stated earlier, before starting to iron.

Don’t Wiggle the iron , While ironing, make sure that you put neat straight strokes rather than wiggling it rapidly as this process may stretch your clothing in many cases.

Start with collar:

When ironing a shirt, start with the collar. Move further to cuffs, sleeves, back and then the front of the shirt.

Don’t forget to unbutton the collar or the cuffs as these may cause difficulty in ironing and would not give a proper neat look to your shirt.

Hang ironed clothes:

Let your clothes be wrinkle free by hanging them properly in hangers after ironing.

The above tips will always help you to iron your clothing properly. We at PKC Laundries ensures to provide you the best of ironing services in Hyderabad. You can do the booking online, call or WhatsApp us or come and drop your clothing directly at our stores.


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