facts of dry cleaners

The Myths & Facts of Dry Cleaners in Hyderabad

Social life is of huge importance in today’s life and when it comes to social gatherings, you need to look at your finest. Good clothes do not only make you look good but you also feel good going out there amongst a group of people confidently. This is where the dry cleaning & laundry services comes to your rescue but there are certain myths about dry cleaners in Hyderabad which needs a second thought. Let’s have a look at them:

Dry cleaning is dry:

The term “Dry Cleaning” is used only because water is not used in the process of cleaning clothes but it does not mean that the process is completely dry. Rather, a chemical solvent with low viscosity and an ability to effectively remove grease-based stains while preserving your fabric, is used instead of water.

facts of dry cleaners

Dry Cleaning Wears Out Your Clothes:

A myth which is true only when turned around. Yes, dry cleaning your clothes does not abrade your fabric but increases its strength as the solvent used during the process of dry cleaning is much lighter than water, traveling through your fabric in a delicate way. On the other hand, water can cause some fabrics, like wool and silk, to swell and then shrink as they dry, reducing its firmness.

Only Clothes that Say, “Dry Clean Only” Should be Taken to the Cleaners:

Care labels on clothing are important & should be read properly & also complied to when it comes to laundering the same to keep it intact & in good shape. Many delicate fabrics, such as silk, cashmere, etc., has a “dry clean only” label while there are many fabrics that read “do not dry clean” because of a protective layer coating the fabric. But when not labelled whether to dry clean or not, it does not mean that your clothes cannot be given for dry cleaning services in Hyderabad.

You Should Store Your Clothes in the Plastic Bags from the Dry Cleaner:

Dry cleaners in Hyderabad have their own poly bags which are designed to keep your clothes untarnished after laundering & till they reach your home. As soon as you receive your laundered clothes, it is always advisable to remove the plastic in order to help clothes breathe. Storing them in the plastic bags can trap moisture which can oxidise and make stains tougher to clean, also deteriorating the lustre of the fabric.

Dry cleaning makes clothes smell bad:

Dry cleaning and laundry services is critical and a good dry cleaner in Hyderabad will always deliver you clothes without the smell once dry-cleaned. The smell in clothes during the dry-cleaning process comes because of the solvent used and this needs to be left for an appropriate time for the smell to go off. But if you receive your clothes with the smell, it clearly means that your laundry service provider is either using low-quality or cheap solvent or is not leaving your clothing for an appropriate time. High Time, Look for some new dry-cleaning services in Hyderabad.

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