The rise of nuclear families with more emphasis on career has led to the decreasing interest of people in daily household chores. While a best ironed or crisp shirt or dress is important, performing the same duty at home is really difficult and time-taking. Clothes not only requires proper laundry but proper ironing as well as a wrinkled shirt or dress makes you look clumsy and unprofessional.


Many of us wonder “Which is the best steam iron or press laundry near me?” or if you are also looking for a professional steam iron service provider in Hyderabad, worry no more. We at PKC Laundries are here to provide you the best steam iron services giving your clothes not only a professional look but also taking care of your clothes fabric.


Steam ironing not only gives a professional and neat look to your clothes but also maintains the strength of the fabric as the process does not involve the iron getting in direct contact with the clothes. Apart from this, the steam iron is also considered to be the best option when the fabric to be ironed is delicate and precious. So, refrain no more and book your slot now to avail our steam ironing services.


Our online services which enable you to book your pick-up and delivery according to your choice of date and time, makes the process much easier and our 24*7 customer support allows you to clarify your doubts whenever needed. We at PKC Laundries, ensures not only timely delivery but also quality delivery.

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How We Work


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Keep all your dirty clothes ready in a bag for a quick pickup.

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Your clothes will be extensively washed with high-quality solvents and look like never before.

We Deliver

We aim to provide you with well-washed and well-folded after ironed precisely the way you would want them to be.

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