Saree is the most traditional dress of women in India. It is also an important part of our closet especially during the times of festivals, marriages or any other traditional ceremony. When wearing a saree, one looks elegant, beautiful and reflects the culture of India but maintaining the lustre of the saree is really important.


Imagine you buy a saree, wear it in a ceremony, and when you want to wear it next time, it looks pale and worn out. This is where saree rolling and polishing plays a vital role. Saree rolling, a process which involves pressing the saree in a roller machine, making sure that each part of the saree is properly pressed and polishing which preserves the lustre and shine of your sarees, especially the silk, are two very important process involved to maintain the strength, look and shine of your exquisite saree.


We at PKC Laundries understand the value of your beautiful saree and the emotions which may be attached to it. Therefore, we provide you the best saree rolling and polishing services in Hyderabad. With a good no of stores and dedicated staff, we are able to deliver prompt and quality services and a 24*7 customer care at the backend is always there to solve your queries and questions.

saree rolling and polishing

Compare this to your local pressman or dhobi, who will iron each fold back and forth, multiple times. Sharp creases have a high possibility of tearing along the edges when your sarees are stored in your wardrobe for a very long time. We do pay attention to these small but important factors as part of our saree roll press service.


Polishing is done for sarees which have been in use for a long period of time. The borders of the sarees are polished to get the desired brightness. This can’t be simply done at home but it needs experts supervision. We at PKC understand the saree first and then process it accordingly.

We at PKC roll and polish the sarees keeping in mind all the details so as to get the best possible quality.

For quality rolling and polishing services of your sarees, get in touch with PKC!

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