Saree pre-pleat or box folding

Saree, being the most auspicious dress in women’s life, becomes their first choice especially when attending any traditional Indian ceremony. Many a times has it happened with women that they want to wear a saree but finds it really difficult to drape one in a proper manner. A clumsy saree pleat can make you look unorganised and feel disgusted amongst the crowd.


What if I told you that we at PKC Laundries make your life easier by giving you the saree pre pleating or box folding services in Hyderabad. Our online saree pre pleating or box folding services helps you get your saree folded or pleated in a proper way at a reasonable cost.


Our experts ensure that your saree is properly pressed and then pleated properly to give you the best look. All you need to do is book our saree pre pleating services online and schedule your pick-up and delivery date and time. Our executive & laundry experts will do the rest. Now wear your saree like never before. Just drape it around yourself as if you are wearing a normal dress, and you are all set to go for your event. No hassle and no fighting with your saree again or taking help from your buddies to have your saree pleats in place. 

How We Work


We Collect

Keep all your dirty clothes ready in a bag for a quick pickup.

We Clean

Your clothes will be extensively washed with high-quality solvents and look like never before.

We Deliver

We aim to provide you with well-washed and well-folded after ironed precisely the way you would want them to be.

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