Types of laundry services

Different Types of Laundry Services

Laundry services have grown widely across the globe and the demand for this is only increasing day by day with the rise of nuclear working families and shortage of time available to carry out basic household chores. While there are various types of laundry services provided across the globe, these services are basically narrowed down into 3 types:

Types of laundry services

Self- Service Laundromat:

One of the most common types of laundry services provided is self-service laundromat where the service provider has a set up of large no of washing & drying machines and requires the customer to self-operate it. Also known as coin-operated laundries, these are beneficial to the service providers as they get paid by the consumers for using the machines and chemicals, while the charges incurred by the former is very economical. The customer, here, is required to bring their clothes, and get them cleaned and dried in the machines on their own. But this kind of laundry service is more familiar outside India or at larger cities & places where the living areas are small and installing such machineries in the house is not possible.

Wash and Fold Laundry Services :

This is the most common type of laundry services prevailing in India. Here, the service provide collects, cleans, and delivers the clothes to the customers. We can see the usage of this type of laundry services in hotels, hospitals, institutions, industry and also individual homes.

The hotels and hospitals, majorly, have huge collections of items to be laundered. Be it a small napkin or a double bedsheet, everything needs to be properly cleaned and maintained to ensure hygiene and sanitation. The type of laundry services in hotel involves guest room linen, staff uniforms, towels, curtains & decorative textiles while the type of laundry services in hospital involves cleaning of all linen used across various rooms of the hospital, doctors’ and other staff uniforms, and any other type of clothing used.

Cleaning and maintaining such huge laundry, especially in smaller organizations, becomes difficult as setting up an in-house laundry incurs huge cost of machinery and manpower. This is where the Wash and Fold Laundry Service providers are taken into consideration and contracted for a long run.

Not only is this type of laundry services provided in hotels and hospitals, but also in other industries, institutions and individuals, thus fragmenting this service again into business-oriented and customer-oriented types.

Dry Cleaning Services:

Dry cleaning which involves the use of chemicals for cleaning instead of water is also another type of laundry service. This service is now clubbed together with other services like wash and fold, ironing, etc. and provided by a single service provider under one roof. The main reason behind this is that not all clothes require dry cleaning and not everyone wants their clothes to be dry cleaned.

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