Pkc Laundries franchie

Boost your Business with PKC Laundries Franchise


PKC Laundries, the first MEGA online laundry & dry-cleaning services company in Hyderabad extends an opportunity to the young, enthusiastic and ambitious entrepreneurs to collaborate with us on a franchise module and grow their business on a large scale. With 96% of the Laundry & dry-cleaning services being highly unorganized in India, yet having a larger market size as compared to that of food and beauty industry, laundry industry is on embryonic stage and needs further nurture to reach to most of the people in India. The stated factors make this industry highly opportune with huge potential, growth & profitability.
We at PKC laundries provides the best of laundry & dry cleaning services in Hyderabad and are looking forward to stretch our legs all across India. With 2 different franchise modules having an agreement term of minimum 5 years, we ensure that our franchise partners are at their ease and comfort to provide the services.

Pkc Laundries franchie


– Use of Eco-Friendly Chemicals, helping maintain the ecological balance
– Quick Turn Around Time
– Economical Costing
– Technology Oriented
There are many more factors in addition to the above which makes us apt for a franchise. Not only do we provide the best of laundry & dry-cleaning services to our customers, but we also take care of our franchise partners and empower them to provide their inputs required for the wellness and growth of the business.


– Selection of the appropriate Location
– Setting up the Stores with Store Interiors taken care of
– Training of the manpower in use of the machinery
– Uniforms for the manpower
– Highly proficient IT Equipment for smooth functioning

SOUNDS INTERESTING? Let us increase your interest more in this business by telling you the most important part of the story now – the earnings.

As stated earlier, the laundry & dry-cleaning services is highly unorganized and with people having very less time to perform this daily household chore, the industry is on a boom now. People will always need laundry and rising population & nuclear families will add up to the requirement & demand of laundry & dry-cleaning services. Also, everyone is now seeking easy and comfortable services sitting back at home, after the e-commerce industry has come into existence. With timely pick-up & home delivery services within an economical cost, we are able to match up to their expectations and your earnings are only going to increase with every passing day. With our past experiences, we have noticed that the franchises are able to reach a breakeven point within 3 months leading to huge profitability post that.

We will be glad to hear from you to become our new laundry & dry-cleaning services franchise, not only in Hyderabad but across any part of India.

You can apply for the franchise online on our website or call us directly to get more information.


“You Care for Your Family
We Care for Your Fabric”