Are Wet Dry-Cleaning Services in Hyderabad good for Health?

The term wet dry-cleaning services may sound absurd but when speaking about the same, it is highly safe and healthier than any other form of dry-cleaning services in Hyderabad. The process of wet-dry cleaning involves the usage of water along with dry-cleaning chemicals which do not cause any damage to the material of the clothing.

Dry-cleaning services in themselves have many benefits which include maintaining the texture of your fabric, giving a fresh look to your fabric, and extending its lifespan & when combined with wet cleaning, its benefits only increase. Hydrocarbon has replaced the chemical perchloroethylene (earlier used in dry-cleaning) as it is less harmful & not associated with any health hazards.

The dry-cleaners in Hyderabad have come up with many types of dry-cleaning & laundry services but we at PKC laundries ensure that the chemicals used in the process of dry-cleaning are not only harmless but also not linked with any long-term healthcare issues. Keeping in mind the importance of the health of both you and your clothes, we ensure to provide you with premium dry-cleaning in Hyderabad.

Speaking about wet dry-cleaning, below are the points that will enable you to understand how it is healthy for you and your clothing:

  1. Eco-friendly: The chemicals used in the process are not only organic and friendly to your clothing, maintaining its strength, but also to the environment as they do not contain toxic elements which are harmful to the environment. The absence of the same also ensures that the usage of these dry-cleaned clothes is safe for your health.


  1. Proper & Gentle Treatment to Clothing: The fabric requires proper treatment but there are certain fabrics like wool, silk, polyester, etc. which also require gentle treatment while cleaning. Eco-friendly chemicals are in themselves harmless and we at PKC Laundries also consider the usage of innovative technologies to add more life to your clothes by handling them firmly.


  1. Elimination of Bad Odour: Wet dry cleaning also involves the usage of water, it ensures that the odor of the chemicals is not left behind in the clothes, thus maintaining your clothes and protecting you from any health hazards.


  1. Applicable for all sized items: Carpets, Rugs, Curtains & Comforters are a few large items that are difficult to be cleaned at home. This is where commercial dry cleaning is required & PKC laundries offer you the best dry cleaning in Hyderabad helping you to maintain all sized items in good shape and texture.


We prioritize our customer’s health and ensure their safety by using eco-friendly chemicals and greener innovative technologies.


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