Fed up washing your Laundry? Then choose PKC Laundries.!

Roti, Kapada aur Makhaan are the 3 basic necessities of a human being. Clothes (kapada) are so much close to our heart. We put in our money, time and most importantly our heart while purchasing them. Buying them is an important thing while maintaining them is the most arduous task. We are at your rescue now so that you need not worry about your clothes instead you can spend this time on something more important.

Our well trained team will make your clothes look more beautiful than ever by using automated machines and their experience too. So if you want to maintain your clothes shouldn’t you give them to professionals like us? We offer you the best quality and ensure that all your clothes are free from bacteria and are hygiene as well.

We are in a generation where every house has 2-pay cheques per month and the family members are not having enough quality time to spend amongst them. Everybody wants to spend some time with their loved ones instead of washing/ironing their clothes. Now you can spend your weekends with your families and make some time for yourself by giving your clothes to us without any worry. Doesn’t this sound something relaxing?

PKC laundries will assure you quality in the aspects of washing, ironing, and dry cleaning within a time frame of 24 hours and a maximum of 48-72 hours after we pick up from you. You will get addicted to our service once you use it, such are the quality levels we provide you.

Give us your laundry and stay care free, ‘we will set them on a song’

Looking forward to serve you guys..!

Why PKC Laundries?

Many might still think that why you should use our service? The simple reason is that we take professional care of your clothes and give you the best quality on which we will never compromise.

We will explain you are process so that you will be convinced to use our service. We will pick up your clothes and they will be given to our expert washing team. At the first site we will give tags to each and every cloth so that they will not go unnoticed. After tagging we will see whether the clothes are bleeding by dipping them in the water. If the clothes are bleeding color we will inform you and take your advice on how to go further. Then the clothes will be washed and dried in automated machines(all our machines are automatic and your clothes will not be dried in the sunlight this is to avoid loss of color) After washing and drying the clothes will be ironed and a quality check will be done, after the quality check the clothes are ready to dispatch.

This shows you that our process is entirely different from the current players in the market which makes us unique. In the whole process we see that your clothes do not bleed color, nothing gets damaged. Our whole process eliminates the risk of missing clothes as we give a code for each cloth you give us.

So we as professionals do the things which the normal washers will not do. We have the confidence that, once if you use our service then definitely you will be a repeated customer for us. As always we say, ‘give us your laundry and stay care free, we will set them on a song’.